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Cultural Tours


One of the most popular tours in Bhutan is the cultural tour. Many people come to Bhutan just to experience its unique cultural and traditional heritage. With a population of  about 700,000 people, Bhutan has been able to keep its cultural identity intact amidst the fast development and modernization. It is only in Bhutan one will see people wear the national dress to work every day.

The country may be small but it has a rich and vibrant culture. Bhutan has a young history and the monarchy today is 105 years old. There are lots of monasteries and temples to visit some of which are centuries old. Each has a story and significance behind its existence.

Cultural Tour Packages

Bhutan: A Beginner’s Glimpse (6 Days)

Punakha Dzong (Fortress)

This itinerary is a fitting introduction to the beautiful kingdom which is also known as the last Shangri La (paradise) on earth. It takes you through the lanes of the Capital – Thimphu where you can witness an amazing fusion of modernity and … View this Trip

Bhutan: A Blissful Journey (7 Days)

Paro Dzong (Fortress)

Take a respite from the routine and mundane; ‘travel in style’, and experience rejuvenation and revitalization of the body, mind and spirit in the top five star properties in the country where they offer you a varied range of special therapies and … View this Trip

Bhutan: A Spiritual Retreat (10 Days)

Trongsa Dzong (Fortress)

A trip into the religious heartland of Bhutan will help you discover the secrets that keep the Buddhist religion alive and vibrant in Bhutan. Explore and uncover the legends of the great Tantric master Guru Rinpoche as you travel to the beautiful … View this Trip

Bhutan: Along the Passes (8 Days)

Dochula in Thimphu

This quest takes you through the mountain passes of Dochula (3,140m) and Chelela (3,810m) offering you a panoramic view of the Himalayan mountains. Additionally, explore the ridges along the Chelela pass for some of Bhutan’s exotic wildflowers. Once … View this Trip

Bhutan: Double bonus (5 Days)

Tashichho Dzong Fortress

A tour of two nights each in Thimphu and Paro would give a basic idea to any traveller about Bhutan. The friendliness of the Bhutanese and richness of age-old customs and traditions are the main highlights of this trip. Mingle with the locals in … View this Trip

Bhutan: On the move (4 Days)

Paro Taktsang Tigers Nest

This is a short trip designed especially for travelers ‘on the move’, to show them get 'a gist' of Bhutan. Showcasing the highlights of two cities - Thimphu & Paro, this itinerary offers to take travellers from the hustle and bustle of the … View this Trip

Inside the Dragon’s Lair. (8 Days)

Local travel experts from team Little Bhutan came up with this specially designed tour to have, all our travelers, an authentic experience of this beautiful country and its way of life. For much of the 20th century, Bhutan wasn’t heard of. … View this Trip