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Considered as one of the exclusive travel destinations, Bhutan has plenty to offer to seasoned as well as nascent travelers. We would like to invite you to come & explore Bhutan with us through many of our varied itineraries, crafted in such a way, that it can be further customized to meet a traveler’s preference.

Discover the magic of a country profound in Mystical Mountains, folklore & legends, age old customs & traditions. Revel in the stunning natural sceneries of the unspoiled forests and pristine mountains peaks. Rejuvenate your body, mind & soul by visiting the many pilgrimage sites, religious festivals and walking across fascinating villages.

Cultural Tours

Paro Valley and Dzong

A view of the Paro Valley and Dzong

One of the most popular tours is the cultural tour to Bhutan. Many people come to Bhutan just experience the unique culture and tradition.

With a population of 70,0000 people, Bhutan has been able to keep its culture and tradition intact amidst the fast development and modernization. It is only in Bhutan, one will see that people wear the national dress to work every day…

Trek and Hikes

Bhutan Mountain Jumolhari

Mt. Jumolhari

You can explore the beautiful mountains, lakes and glaciers by trekking and hiking in Bhutan. There are different levels of treks and hikes. Whether you want to hike for a few hours or go on a 31 days adventure, Bhutan has it all..

Festival Tours

Thangka Art of Bhutan

Thangka shown during Tsechu Festival

Bhutan, being a Buddhist country had many festival and the most popular once are the Tshechu, meaning the tenth day. Each and every district in Bhutan celebrates Tshechu but on different tenth day of the month depending on the lunar calendar…

Special Trips

The annual Thimphu-Paro-Thimphu bike race taking off from Changlimithang

The annual Thimphu-Paro-Thimphu bike race taking off from Changlimithang

Bhutan is popular for its natural bio diversity and for preserving its natural resources. Biking is currently a new sport picking up in Bhutan. Rafting is another adventure and gaining popularity among tourist…

Customize your Trip

Anne Fong1

Our client in a traditional Bhutanese attire

We understand that every individual had a different taste and interest. We therefore are specialized in arranging customized trip for our guest. Depending on your interest you have the option of choosing any of our package and including things you would want to experience or do while in Bhutan. Or you could come up with your own list of things you would want to do in Bhutan and we will make a personalized itinerary just suited for you.