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Paro Tshechu Festival

The Paro Tshechu is an annual event held every spring and is by far the most popular pageantry in Bhutan with the unfurling of the world’s biggest Thangka or Thongdrel. During the festival, mask dances to commemorate the deeds of the great saint Guru Rinpoche are performed. The dances invoke the … [Read more...]

Kadam Goenpa Tshechu in Mongar ends yesterday

The Two days Kadam Goenpa Tshechu in Mongar Kadam ended yesterday.Thousands of people from Mongar received Blessings from Guru Tshengay (the eight manifestation of Guru) in Mongar kadam goenpa during their annual Tshechu.  … [Read more...]

Devotees receive Blessings at Tamzhing phala festival in Bumthang

The three days tamzhing phala festivals in Bumthang ended on 26th of september in Bumthnag which draws hundreds of crowds every year beecause of the various blessings from the prominent lamas The phakpa Wang(pakpa meaning the animal hide and wang meaning blessings) is one sock of blessing stuffed … [Read more...]

Haa festival in Bhutan to start soon

Starting July 9 till 10, the Haa festival also known as Alpine festival will start off in Haa, Bhutan.  The festival is being organised by the dzongkhag administration of Haa and Tourism council of Bhutan to attract tourists. This is an opportunity to explore the high alpine valleys of Haa, learn … [Read more...]

First ever Takin festival in Bhutan

For the first time in Bhutan a takin festival will take place. Takin is the national animal of the country. The Jigme Dorji National Park in collaboration with Tourism Council of Bhutan has organised the first ever Takin Festival, in Tsharijathang under Gasa Dzongkhag on June 9 and 10 this … [Read more...]