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When Darkness Settles, Night-hunting Begins.

Bhutan is a country that is soaked in customs and traditions. While most customs and traditions don’t raise eyebrows, there is one that is a little unorthodox. Yes, you guessed it right; we’re talking about Night-hunting. Night-hunting or the traditional culture of nightly courtship and romance … [Read more...]

Monpas: Bhutan’s Earliest Inhabitants

The people of  Kudra, Phumzur, Jangbi and Wangling who live inside the Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park, in central Bhutan are called  Monpas, believed by some to be the first inhabitants of Bhutan. A close-knit people, they live in one-and two-roomed bamboo walled thatch huts and larger … [Read more...]

Rafting – the Ultimate Experience

It wasn’t until the first few seconds prior to boarding the raft that I felt the first tinge of fear, of panic, of terror. I’ve always been terrified of water ever since I was a little boy. I get queasy every time I have to get into it, and here I was on a raft in the middle of one of the world’s … [Read more...]

To The People With Love

Last Month on May 21, the Bhutanese people received a gift in the form of a beautiful garden from Her Majesty the Royal Grandmother Kesang Choeden Wangchuck on her 85th birth anniversary. Spread across 8.35 acres in the heart of the scenic Thimphu valley, the Ludrong Memorial Garden sits between … [Read more...]

Manas, One of Bhutan’s Top Destinations

The Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan had remained closed to the public for years and so people knew very little about it then. Now, after it’s been open to visitors recently, visitors are finding out the park is indeed a crown jewel for the Himalayan nation given its rich tropical and … [Read more...]

Bhutan Bans Maggi

For Maggi, the instant noodle brand produced by Nestle India, it looks like things are getting worse. After Indian food regulatory authorities declared that the contents in the noodles possessed high levels of lead and ordered them off the shelves, countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda … [Read more...]

Football Fever Grips Bhutan!

Come Tuesday and one of the smallest countries in the world will have a face-off with one of the biggest. Yes, you heard that right. On June 16, Bhutan will take on China in an attempt to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. With the Bhutanese squad battling past Sri Lanka over two legs (home … [Read more...]

Lamperi – A Nature Lover’s Delight.

Bhutan’s first botanical park in Lamperi, a one-hour drive from Thimphu, is spread across 47-square-km of vegetation that changes from oak, magnolia and birch trees draped in moss and ringing to the sounds of birds to mixed conifer, fir and temperate forests with hundreds of species of … [Read more...]

Bhutan Sets its First Guinness World Record!

On June 2, Bhutan set its very first Guinness World record. A hundred volunteers, in just one hour, planted 49,672 saplings to break the previous record held by the state of Assam in India. Three years ago, they had planted 40,885 saplings. The record attempt was actually set at 50,000 but 328 of … [Read more...]

Top Six Tourist Attractions in Western Bhutan

Bhutan is country of many contrasts. To the outside world, it is a nation of many colorful festivals and the birthplace of Gross National Happiness. It is also a country with breathtaking natural landscapes and distinctive architecture. But what the tiny Himalayan Kingdom is most famous for is its … [Read more...]