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Up close and personal with the majestic mountains

There are numerous reasons why you should visit Bhutan. And one of them is because of the spectacular glimpses of the world’s tallest mountain peaks that you can witness from Bhutanese airlines. The flights to and from Paro International airport offer guests’ the opportunity to view some of the … [Read more...]

The Bhutanese bucket list

Bhutan has much to offer and you can do a lot while in the country. Here, we, at Little Bhutan, present six bucket list activities that you should definitely try when in Bhutan. However, if all of these are not in your travel plan, we recommend that you at least make time for three – mountain bike, … [Read more...]

Naru – an ancient bon festival

The stunning landscape of Bhutan, from snow-capped peaks and pristine forests to sacred caves and mountain lakes, is also home to deities who protect the land. And to appease the deities, different regions have different festivals. One such festival, unique and ancient as the land itself, is Naru or … [Read more...]

Weaving – an art form in Bhutan

Zangmo learned to weave watching her mother while still a little girl. Today, the skills she acquired some three decade ago, feeds her entire family. She weaves around two ghos or kiras per week (depending on the orders she receives from customers). And that fetches her around Nu 8,000. For … [Read more...]

Trongsa, tantalizing and historic

If you ever do visit Bhutan, make it a point to travel to Trongsa. I’ll tell you why but, first, let’s delve into the region called the vanguard of the warriors a bit. The town of Trongsa in central Bhutan is also the capital of the district that goes by the same name. The name Trongsa in … [Read more...]

A Culinary Guide through Bhutan!

Bhutanese cuisine is as diverse as its landscape and people. The reason being is that the Bhutanese people have different backgrounds and this multitude is reflected within the country’s cuisine. The different varieties of gastronomic history in the country can be divided along the country's … [Read more...]

Little Bhutan’s pick of the Top Five Books on Bhutan

  There are a lot of books on Bhutan, written by Bhutanese and non-Bhutanese alike. And while some books capture the Bhutanese way of life in bits and pieces, somehow, they don’t do justice to a kingdom that has but only recently come out of its self imposed isolation. Below is our list of … [Read more...]

To be draped in a kira, you got to wear it first!

The national dress for women in Bhutan is the kira. It is a rectangular piece of cloth (hand-woven or readymade) that is wrapped around the body and pinned at each shoulder by clasps or brooches called komas. An inner blouse called the wonju and an outer jacket called the tego is worn to complete … [Read more...]

Bhutan to Get its Own Helicopters

The current government formed by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) by a landslide victory in 2013, is keeping good on their word. In the build up to the election, during the campaign period, the PDP had pledged to purchase two helicopters to make life easier for cut-off communities in regard to … [Read more...]

Zen and the Art of Wearing a Gho.

A knee-length robe or the gho - tied at the waist by a hand woven cloth belt known as the kera - is the national dress for men in Bhutan. It was introduced in the 17th century by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal and has ever since been a distinctive feature for the Bhutanese. But, while it looks … [Read more...]