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Haa festival in Bhutan to start soon

Starting July 9 till 10, the Haa festival also known as Alpine festival will start off in Haa, Bhutan.  The festival is being organised by the dzongkhag administration of Haa and Tourism council of Bhutan to attract tourists. This is an opportunity to explore the high alpine valleys of Haa, learn … [Read more...]

Thangkhas in Bhutan’s monasteries restored

Thangkhas and statues are important artifacts of any monastery around which many mysteries lie veiled. These artifacts can date back to centuries ago when myth and mysticism were common as any unwarranted stories today. The origins of some of these artifacts were never discovered. They existed … [Read more...]

Bhutan Nuns’ Foundation holds first conference

The Bhutan Nuns' Foundation held a conference for the first time in Bhutan focusing on social issues and challenges among the nuns in the country and to improve their living conditions. It is a Non-Profit Organization established in 2009 under the patronage of Her Majesty, the Queen Mother Ashi … [Read more...]

Bhutan also signs SAFTA

To reduce customs duties of all traded goods to zero by the year 2016, a South Asia Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) was signed by the foreign ministers in 2004. 20 percent duty will be reduced in a series of annual cuts in the final five year phase ending in 2012. Underdeveloped member countries … [Read more...]

More than half of Bhutan’s population owns a cell phone

In a span of eight years, the total percent of the population using mobile phones in Bhutan has increased by nine times. Bhutan has around 400,000 cell phone users and the number is increasing by the day. The number of people using cell phones has increased by 21 percent in 2010 compared to the … [Read more...]

Climate summit held in Bhutan

Four countries will come together this October to discuss climate change during the Bhutan Climate Summit 2011 in an attempt to make a difference. Ban­gladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India were chosen for the Summit because of common factors like being situated in the southern watershed of the eastern … [Read more...]

Bhutan’s first Local Government Elections

The first ever local government elections for Bhutan is due on June 27, 2011. Almost three years after Bhutan became a Constitutional Democracy the much delayed local government elections will finally be taking place. A total of 2194 candidates will be contesting for the various posts in the … [Read more...]

Bhutan – India delegations to meet for hydropower talks

Bhutan’s fast flowing rivers make it possible to tap energy for domestic consumption as well as for export to neighboring countries. Hydropower generates the maximum revenue for Bhutan’s economy beside the booming tourism industry. The Indian government provides Bhutan the support for … [Read more...]

Bhutan in the World Transplant Games

This year Bhutan will be represented at the 18th World Transplant Games in Goteborg, Sweden on June 17 to 24 for the first time. Tashi Namgay, 26, working in Thimphu will participate in 100 meters and 200 meters. He will be one among 1000 transplanted athletes from 50 different countries around … [Read more...]

First ever Takin festival in Bhutan

For the first time in Bhutan a takin festival will take place. Takin is the national animal of the country. The Jigme Dorji National Park in collaboration with Tourism Council of Bhutan has organised the first ever Takin Festival, in Tsharijathang under Gasa Dzongkhag on June 9 and 10 this … [Read more...]