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How the name Bhutan was derived!

In ancient times, Bhutan was known as Lho Mon, meaning the Dark Southland, referring to the land south of Tibet. And there was a reason why it was called Lho Mon. In Tibet at the time, Buddhism had already taken roots while in Bhutan Bonism was widely practiced. This involved worshipping nature and … [Read more...]

Come, Marvel at Bhutanese Art

Bhutan isn’t only about treks, hikes, and visits to dzongs and monasteries. It has so much more to offer. Various people come to Bhutan for various reasons. Some come to trek, others to visit monasteries or just to get away from their daily routines. But there are a few who come solely to marvel … [Read more...]

Four hikers finish the gruelling Snowman Trek in just two weeks

For any hiking aficionado, the Snowman Trek in Bhutan would probably be the ultimate hiking experience along with another sought after trek - the Machu Picchu Inca Trail in Peru. A hike of endurance - the Snowman Trek takes about a month to complete. It isn’t labeled the world’s most difficult trek … [Read more...]

A Song of Silence- A Review

 She gazes at the ceiling. The fan blades whirr. The sounds dart. There's both stillness and movement. Silence and sound. And in the next fifteen minutes, the world of noise becomes a world of quiet contemplation, explored through a deaf protagonist, in Kelzang Dorji’s conceptual artwork - A Song of … [Read more...]

Of flying darts, cheers & jeers

  In Bhutan, there are two sports that are loved by the masses. The first is obviously archery while in close second is Khuru – a game that is somewhat like darts except it’s a Bhutanese version. Not only does the size of a khuru dart differ, it is also carved out of hard-wood with no … [Read more...]

34 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Kingdom of Bhutan

For those who are on the fence about visiting the beautiful country of Bhutan, Little Bhutan has compiled a list of facts that will hopefully make you want to change your mind and book a ticket immediately. Sandwiched between India and China, Bhutan is one among the 43 landlocked countries in … [Read more...]

How much will a trip to Bhutan Cost?

For most visitors planning on a trip to Bhutan, the question they struggle with is how long they should stretch the trip. This is because the cost of a trip to Bhutan includes the minimum daily package of USD 250 per person per night set by the Bhutanese government. The amount one has to dish out … [Read more...]

Bhutan & its strong Buddhist roots

In a world, where, who we are, is, determined by what name each of us call our gods, Bhutan is more or less a Buddhist country. We are a land distinct in culture, cuisine, conviction, costume and custom. But more importantly, we are the last purely Mahayana Buddhist kingdom. A major chunk of our … [Read more...]

Black-Necked Cranes

The Highest number of Cranes recorded in Phobjika  Phobjikha valley in Wangduephodrang is considered one of the largest and most significant wetlands in the country. At 3,000 meters, it is home to the endangered black-necked cranes. Locally known as thrung thrung karm, these majestic birds … [Read more...]

Bhutan – A Selection of Shots

  Are you planning on a trip to Bhutan? Allow us to give you a photographic tour of one of the happiest nations in the Himalayas, no - hang on, in the world. Known for its remoteness, Bhutan is a travel destination that many only dream of visiting. And so, every year, only a few actually … [Read more...]