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Atsara – Not just a clown!


A huge, bloody red nose is the first thing that strikes you about the Atsara. Then comes the exaggerated facial expressions – the perpetual grin as if to mock you to submission. And then the attire gets you, somewhere between a hippie and a gypsy doing an absurd dance. Say hello to the Atsara, the … [Read more...]

The Significance of the Chipdrel & Marchang Ceremony

Chibdrel procession

The Chipdrel and Marchang ceremony is a sight we witness at any given scenario in Bhutan. It seems like the scale of occasion doesn’t matter - be it a Royal Wedding, a visit by a head of state, or the promotion of a high ranking official - a Chipdrel and Marchang ceremony can make one small event as … [Read more...]

Birdwatching in Bhutan


  Covering 38,394 sq. kilometers, Bhutan boasts of 70% forest cover, which is home to more than 700 species out of the 2,900 species of birds in Asia. Bhutan is considered a birding paradise with 678 recorded species. At least 14 species are globally threatened and ten fall within the … [Read more...]

Democracy & Buddhism

Dzongsar Jamyang Khentse Rimpoche

The future lies along the avenue where religious enlightenment meets personal freedom Some years ago a young man chafing under what he imagined to be the restraining strictures of Buddhism posed the following question to His Holiness Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rimpoche: “Didn’t the Buddha say one … [Read more...]

Wrestling – The Bhutanese Way


Two men face off amid a small circle of spectators. The young women in the crowd are aflutter and boys wait anxiously for the fight to begin. Pitting the strength, agility and stamina of one young male against another, wrestling fulfills a primal urge across all cultures. Keshey, the Bhutanese … [Read more...]

The Legend behind the Takin: Bhutan’s National Animal

  There is an interesting myth behind the creation of the Takin ((Budorcas Taxicolor) that contributed to its high religious significance and therefore led to its adoption as Bhutan’s national animal. Legend has it that in the 15th century when Lam Drukpa Kunley also referred to as “The … [Read more...]

Phallus worship in Bhutan


Phallus worship in Bhutan dates back to the 15th century when Lam Drukpa Kunley, “The Divine Madman” arrived in the country from Tibet. He is perhaps the only Buddhist teacher to be exclusively identified with the phallus. The phallus, whether carved or painted on the walls of houses, dangling … [Read more...]

Top Five Tourist Hot-Spots in Bhutan

Paro Taktshang (3)

  Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery Hanging above a sheer cliff 3000m above Paro valley, the Tiger’s Nest is one of the most venerated sites in Bhutan. Pilgrims from across the country frequent it along with tourists who are ready to tackle the two to three hours’ uphill hike to visit the … [Read more...]

Top Three Treks in Bhutan


Jumolhari Trek This magical mountain trek takes you to the base of Mount Jumolhari, the second highest unconquered peak in the world revered by local yak herders in the north as the abode of their mythical goddess “Jomo”. The classic nine-night trek starts off at the Drukgyal Dzong ruins and … [Read more...]

A dream fulfilled!


Thank you very, very much for all the help you gave me before and during my trip to your beautiful country!! You provided perfect planning and everything was so well organized for my short trip.  I only wish I could have had more time in Bhutan as I was having such a positive experience. I began … [Read more...]