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Plants and Animals

Flowers of Bhutan

Flowers of Bhutan

With 72 percent of Bhutan under forest cover Bhutan has a rich variety of plants and animals. Bhutan has three different zones: the alpine zone (4000m and above) above the tree line, temperate zone (2000 to 4000m) and subtropical zone (150m to 2000m).

Almost 60 percent of plant varieties found in the eastern Himalayan region is endemic to Bhutan. Bhutan has 5,400 varieties of plants which include 300 varieties of medicinal plants, and 46 varieties of rhododendrons.

Bhutan has 90 mammal species and some 770 species of birds. This includes some rare and endangered animals and birds.

Himalayan Blue Sheep

A baby of a Himalayan Blue Sheep

The snow leopard, blue sheep, red panda, tiger, takin, marmot, musk deer are some of the species found in the high altitudes.

Birds like the black-necked cranes, white bellied heron, horn-bills and pheasants are some of the birds found in Bhutan.