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It’s a sleepy but pleasant town, seven hours’ drive from the Capital. You can get a fine view of the Black Mountain Range towards the southwest. A major part of the town’s population comprise of Bhutanese of Tibetan descent. Tibetans immigrated to this part of the country in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The Thruepang Palace where the third king was born is located in Trongsa but it’s closed to visitors. The small town has a great historical significance because all the kings of Bhutan were invested with the title of Trongsa Penlop before ascending the throne. The first and second Kings ruled from Trongsa.

Trongsa on Bhutan Map

Trongsa on Bhutan Map

Attractions in Trongsa

Chendebje Chorten

Designed after Kathmandu’s Bodnath stupa with eyes painted at the four cardinal points, it lies en route to Trongsa. … View details

Kuenga Rabten Palace

The 23-km ride from Trongsa south takes you to Kuenga Rabten. It takes about an hour and passes through rice meadows and several waterfalls. Farming is well developed in the area. Kuenga Rabten was the winter residence of the second king but now it … View details

Trongsa Dzong Fortress

Trongsa Dzong (Fortress)

Built in 1648, Trongsa Dzong, is built above the Mangde chhu. It served as the seat of power over central and eastern Bhutan. All five kings were Trongsa Penlop (“governor”)  before ascending the throne. Trongsa dzong is perhaps the most … View details