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About us

Little Bhutan logo“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

We here at Little Bhutan took our first steps in 2011 and today we stand as one of the top competitors in the Bhutanese tourism industry. We offer a vast choice of cultural tours, trekking and specialized tours such as biking, bird watching, festival and luxury tours. Any kind of tour you want and we can arrange it for you.

All our tours are specially designed and customized keeping in line with the philosophy of sustainable tourism.

We are a team consisting of professional guides and travel experts with work experience of over 14 years in the field of tourism. We are all like-minded people working towards providing a highly personalized and authentic experience of this exotic country. The employees of Little Bhutan are a hospitable lot, exuding the warmth, generosity and passion of Bhutan.

Little Bhutan Team

Little Bhutan Team

Bhutan believes in “low volume, high value” tourism to maintain its unique culture and protect its environment despite development and modernization. We here at Little Bhutan also believe strongly that it is every individual’s responsibility to protect the country’s natural splendor and culture.

We make sure we do not litter on any of our hikes or treks. Our guides will always make sure that nothing is left behind except footprints.

We encourage our guests to buy authentic Bhutanese products and always inform them about the customs and traditions of a place or site before visiting it so that the locals are not offended.

We welcome you to come and experience life in the little country ‘Bhutan, The Last Shangrila’ and take home a Big Experience!

Tashi Delek

Our Location

We are located at the Traffic Square, Norzin Lam, Thimphu.

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Our Certifications

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Royal Government of Bhutan Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO)