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Nomad festival sees increased participants

The nomad festival this year had four gewogs attending the festival held at the Kizom eco-camp ground in Tang gewog, Bumthang on Feb.23. Nomads from Sephu gewog in Wangduephodrang, Choekhor, Tang and Ura gewogs of Bumthang attended the festival while nomads from eight dzongkhags attended the … [Read more...]

An offer for Thais!

The “Bhutan-Thailand Friendship Offer” was launched in the capital and Thailand simultaneously to celebrate His Majesty’s 34th birthday. This offer will remain open to Thai nationals and those who can prove their residence in Thailand, for three months starting June 1. Thai people believe that there … [Read more...]

American tourist arrivals in top form once again

American tourist arrivals surpassed Japanese tourists last year, while in 2012 it was just the opposite. In 2013, of the 52,798 visitors there were 6,927 Americans. In 2012, there were 6,967 Japanese visitors. The reason attributed for this massive influx of Japanese tourists was Their Majesties’ … [Read more...]

Ten things you should know about Bhutan

Bhutan is the eighth “happiest” country in the world and the happiest country in Asia. This is despite widespread poverty and illiteracy. According to a survey, reasons attributing to the happiness were the nation’s beautiful scenery, land-locked isolation and strong sense of national … [Read more...]

Tashi Air to resume domestic service in October

Tashi Air, Bhutan’s first private airline will resume domestic services in October this year. When Information and Communications minister, D.N Dhungyel was quizzed during the National Council session on when domestic services would resume and why a private airline was allowed to violate the terms … [Read more...]

National Assembly passes RTI bill

The National Assembly endorsed the Right to Information Bill (RTI) when from the 40 members, 32 voted for it, four abstained from voting and four voted against it. It will have to go through the National Council for further ratification. Speaking in Parliament, the Minister of Information and … [Read more...]

National Council endorses MIGA

In a move to facilitate better cross-border trade between Bhutan and India through removal of double taxation, and to attract Indian investments in the field of education and health, the National Council unanimously ratified the MIGA or Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agreement. MIGA was only one … [Read more...]

Bhutan sees 10% rise in tourist arrivals

Bhutan saw an increase of 10% in tourist arrivals in 2013 as compared to the previous year. Last year, there were 10, 810 tourists visiting the country while in 2012, there were 116,224 tourists. Of the total arrivals, 44,267 were international or dollar- paying tourists,, 63,426 were regional … [Read more...]

Tobacco Act amended

Bhutan, the country, which had once banned tobacco use and sale, will permit it again. This was decided by the upper house of Parliament, the National Council with 18 of the 25 members voting for it. Members said that due to the erstwhile Tobacco Act, the black market had flourished. The legislative … [Read more...]

“Clean Bhutan” project to kickstart on Feb.6

The “Clean Bhutan” project will be launched on Feb.6 starting with Thimpchhu. The project will involve two rafts, 300 volunteers and 20 project staff. Starting from Lingkana, the cleaning programme will stretch till the sewerage in Babesa. The project website will also be launched on the same day. … [Read more...]