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More than four international bikers to compete in the Fifth Tour of the Dragon

One of the most challenging bike races in the country, the Tour of the Dragon flags off at 2 am from Bumthang on September 6. More than four international bikers will be joining around 30 bikers from around the country for the event. This is the fifth time that the bike race which covers 255.5 Km is … [Read more...]

Bhutan stands 136th in Human Development among 187 countries

Bhutan ranks 136 in human development out of 187 countries, sharing the rank with Cambodia, the Human Development Report 2014, which was released recently stated. The human development index (HDI) value for Bhutan is 0.584, which is close to the South Asian average of 0.588, but below the world … [Read more...]

Quadcopters to Bhutan’s health-care rescue?

It may not be a distant dream to see tiny “unmanned quadcopters” play a major role in Bhutan’s healthcare. Lyonchhoen Tshering Tobgay said that it was being discussed “how quadcopters could take tele-medicine in Bhutan to the next level by using the unmanned devices to deliver vital medicine.” He … [Read more...]

Common Buddhist beliefs in Bhutan

Lochey: is the annual household worship. It’s held each year to appease the local deities and ensure the family’s well-being. It’s also an occasion for a family get-together. Choesam: is the shrine room. In most Bhutanese homes, there’s one where the Buddha and his manifestations are maintained. … [Read more...]

Bhutan-Thailand Friendship Offer a Success

Thai tourist arrivals in the past two months since the special offer for Thais was announced exceeded government expectations. Around 3,000 Thai tourists were expected but records with the Tourism Council of Bhutan show that 3,659 of them turned up. TCB officials said this did not include the … [Read more...]

Tracking tourism’s carbon footprints

As part of the low carbon tourism project initiated by the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) with financial support from the European Union “switch Asia programme,” an Environmental Information System (EIS) for the tourism industry will be developed. This will maintain data on carbon … [Read more...]

Tashi Air gets a second aircraft

Tashi Air got a new aircraft called “Dorji” on July 30. The addition of a second 122-seater Airbus A319 means that the airline can now expand its route network and also increase its dependability. The second aircraft willinitially operate the Paro-Kathmandu and Paro-New Delhi sectors. The private … [Read more...]

Kambja rice cultivation encouraged to boost rice production

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forests is keen on encouraging farmers to adopt the Kambja method of upland rice cultivation that does not need irrigation facilities, the lack of which hindered farmers from cultivating rice for years. Bhutan is 50% self-reliant on rice production while the rest, … [Read more...]

Bhutan to hold SAFTA meeting for the first time

Bhutan will be hosting its first South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA) ministerial in the capital on July 24. This is the eighth SAFTA ministerial council (SMC) of its kind. On the meeting agenda are matters related to the administration and implementation of the SAFTA agreement and trade services … [Read more...]

International GNH meet next year to mark Fourth King’s 60th Birth Anniversary

As part of the fourth Druk Gyalpo’s 60th birth anniversary celebrations, an international GNH conference is being planned for November next year. The plan was announced during Lyonchhoen’s visit to Japan. About 600 participants are expected, half of them international. It’s open to the public, too. … [Read more...]